At GEMINME, we’re proud to offer a platform of discovery and resilience while empowering and inspiring ourselves. We all have to overcome obstacles everyday. However, these adversities(pressures) make us stronger for the next battle.
Discover yourself, develop yourself and love yourself.


If someone would ask me which of my friends have served as an inspiration in my life —I would not think twice but to answer, “Kateryn Ferreira.” I have known Kateryn since we were in middle school —seventh grade to be exact! I have had the privilege to see how she has grown personally and professionally throughout the years. She has been able to overcome many obstacles that life has presented to her, and has been able to turn many of life’s limitations into beautiful outcomes. Kateryn is a strong, independent, confident, intelligent, and passionate woman. I am very lucky to have a friend that inspires me, and I know if you join us in GEMINME you will be impacted too!

Priscila Nazar RDH


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